Scheduled Studio Closings:

-Independence Day, July 4, 2017

-Labor Day, September 4, 2017

-Fall Festivities Day, October 31, 2017

-Thanksgiving Break, November 20-25, 2017

-Christmas Break, December 25-30, 2017

-New Year Holiday, January 1, 2018

-Competition Boot Camp, March, TBA

-Good Friday, March 30, 2018

-Memorial Day, May 28, 2018

-6th Annual Dance Showcase, June 23, 2018

*Please note all dates are subject to change and make-up classes can be arranged through the studio director.  Partial tuition payments or lack of tuition being paid due to studio closings is not an option as make-up classes can be arranged.


Level 2, Intermediate-Advanced Ballet, 6:00-7:30pm

‚ÄčLevel 2, Intermediate-Advanced Leaps/Turns, 7:30-9:00pm 


Level 1 Beginner-Intermediate Hip-Hop, 6:00-7:00pm

Rehearsal Block, 7:00-9:00pm


Level 2, Intermediate-Advanced Jazz, 9:30-11:00am

Level 2, Intermediate-Advanced Contemporary, 11:00-12:00pm

All Level Acrobatics/Tumble, 12:00-1:30pm

All Level Body Conditioning/Meditation , 1:30-2:00pm

Level 2, Intermediate-Advanced Hip-Hop, 2:00-3:00pm

Rehearsal Block, 3:30-6:00pm

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Rehearsal Block, 6:00-9:00pm


Level 1, Beginner-Intermediate Combo Class, 6:00-7:00pm

Level 1, Beginner-Intermediate Leaps/Turns, 7:00-8:00pm


Rehearsal Block, 6:00-9:00pm


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Please note when calculating tuition the following classes are 1.5 hours:




*Level 1 classes are Beginner to Intermediate skill level

*Level 2 classes are Intermediate to Advanced skill level